What a Great Turn Out - Llangollen, Legendary Faery Festival

Published on 18 August 2023 at 13:15

Wow, what an absolutely beautiful experience!

Many wonderful people to meet!

Kind and lovely people stopped to talk with me about Art and Nature, gifting me positive feedback about my magical creations.

I was in awe with how good everyone looked in their amazing Fairy/Fantasy outfits and their make-up. I especially loved the few who dressed up as an Amanita mushroom 🍄

I wish I had dressed up, but with it being so short notice I had no time to purchase anything magical enough.

You all looked incredible!

This was my first market/Artisan stall, and I feel that it was a great learning curve for me. I have so many ideas for future displays and will certainly need to have plenty more table space for these one-of-a-kind works of Art. 

A lovely experience overall, and I got to spend my days with people who are close to me, and a lovely New Friend (Tracey) who I met on this incredible business start up course. 

I couldn’t have had this experience if it wasn’t for the help from the start up course and Tracey for making it all happen.


I had slowly lost hope because of my lack of funding to pay for everything, but we managed in the end thankfully!


I hope to see you all at the next Faery Festival.

I have plans to attend a few Christmas Markets, so keep your eyes peeled for any future events.

These will be mentioned through my blog and on Facebook/Instagram :)


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