Midnight Mystique - Hand Foraged, Beautifully Enhanced Sea Shell w/ Quartz Crystal Point

  • Crafting this spooky, sea shell demanded meticulous attention and time, taking approximately 9 hours to bring to life.
  • A hand-foraged seashell, carefully selected and brought back home for cleaning/bleaching (to remove any barnacles which were slowly decaying inside). - 1 hour for cleaning.
  • This weird but wonderful sea shell has a ''natural sea growth'' which embodies this shell from the inner and has taken about 3 hours to sculpt using Polymer clay, building up the layers so I can create these exquisite details.
  • I then added a Quartz crystal point to to bring energy to this piece of Art, which was baked within the clay, removed after baking and then finally secured in place with some Epoxy glue.
  • Hand painted using a dark base colour, and 4 individual layers of dry brushing to highlight it's beautiful details. I had also painted a dark wash around the sculpture the help it blend into the natural canvas. This step takes about 4 hours to complete.
  • Once fully cured, I glazed the growth-like, sculptured section to give it a slightly 'wet look'.
  • I have enhanced the design further using my favourite artificial moss; delicately placing it to mimic how sea grass and algae grows, which took me about 1 hour to complete.


As I walk along the shore, my heart is filled with a deep connection to the sea.


Memories of childhood adventures spent collecting seashells in Llandudno, North Wales, all come rushing back, inspiring me to create a piece that captures the whimsy and darkness that dwell beneath the waves.


Let me introduce you to "Midnight Mystique".

This exquisite creation begins with a hand-foraged sea shell from a beautiful seaside resort in the heart of North Wales. A true treasure bestowed upon me by the sea itself.

This was truly a catch!


Covered in delicate barnacles, it carries the tales of the ocean's depths. With meticulous care, I gently bleached the shell to unveil its natural beauty, a canvas yearning to be transformed.

Using the artistry of polymer clay, I sculpted a lifelike sea-themed growth, which gracefully weaves and winds throughout the shell's elegant curves. Each meticulous detail evokes the secrets of the deep, as if the shell has become a vessel for nature's own enchantment.


The intricate texture and lifelike form of the growth reveal my deep admiration for the symbiosis between clay and the treasures found in the natural world.

To enhance this piece further, I incorporated a mesmerizing quartz crystal point.


Its tranquil energy infuses the artwork with a sense of purity and harmony, as if the sea's essence has been harnessed and preserved within this captivating composition.

The crystal's radiance intertwines with the intricate design, casting a luminous glow upon the secrets held within. "Midnight Mystique" is more than a mere creation—it is a manifestation of my passion and reverence for the sea.


With every stroke of the clay, I sought to evoke the enchantment and mystery that resonates within me. This whimsical and dark art piece embodies the dichotomy of the ocean, where beauty and darkness coexist, weaving tales that have captivated hearts for centuries.

Let its presence transport you to the shorelines of your imagination, where whimsy dances with darkness, and the spirit of the sea forever whispers its secrets to your soul.

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