Enchanted Earth: Miniature Amanita Regalis Mushroom Scene

  • Crafting this wonderful geode mushroom scene demanded meticulous attention and time, taking approximately 8 hours to bring to life.
  • Hand-foraged from a beautiful, North Wales beach, this piece of Iron Slag forms a glorious platform for this lovely miniature scene.
  • Nestled on top are miniature versions of some of my Amanita sculptures. Using different colours of clay and building up the layers to create this wonderfully, intricate, miniature masterpiece. These mushrooms take me about 3 hours to sculpt.
  • Once baked, I glaze each mushroom using gloss varnish to give them a slightly 'wet look'.
  • I then added these mushrooms to this wonderful canvas using Epoxy glue, which is the strongest glue I could find and will help keep them secure for generations.
  • I have embelished this design using my favourite artificial moss; delicately placing it in places that make these lovely mushrooms look asif they are living in their natural habitat.


At the heart of this mesmerizing artwork lies a midnight hue, lump of iron slag residue, a relic from Cumbria's rich mining heritage, which I foraged from Whitehaven beach in Cumbria a few years ago. I held onto this piece because I knew one day I would create something unique and immensely beautiful with this perfect find. 

Embedded within this smooth surface, small glimmers of quartz crystals emerge from the mysterious depths of these tiny holes you see before your eyes, adding a touch of ethereal radiance.

The iron colour markings evoke a sense of strength and resilience, paying homage to the region's historic connection to the iron and coal industry.

Carefully placed at the pinnacle of this enchanting rock formation are a few miniature Amanita Regalis mushrooms.


Sculpted with meticulous attention to detail, each mushroom brings to life the whimsy and elegance of nature's wonders. Their distinctive beige and white speckled caps and hardy stems, invites you into a realm of magic and imagination.

The rock itself becomes a canvas for the artistic interplay between nature and human craftsmanship.


Artificial moss, resembling the moss's natural growth formation, gracefully blankets the rock, blending seamlessly with the unique texture.

This delicate touch adds a touch of authenticity, as if the mushroom and moss have found their perfect home amidst this enchanted landscape.

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