Enigmatic Decay - A Hand-Painted Roe Deer Skull with Whimsical Fungi and Crystal Embellishment


"Enigmatic Decay" 


  • Crafting this wonderful little oddity demanded meticulous attention and time, taking approximately 30 hours (over the course of 1 week) to bring back to life.
  • Skillfully crafted to create a realistic and mystical over-all finish.
  • 5+ hours of painting every surface of this wonderful canvas, to give it a beautiful sense of natural decay and a brilliant base for my mushroom sculptures.
  • 10 hours of sculpting/enhancing, adding a central Amazonite crystal to help heal your chakra, soothe tension and bring you luck.
  • Approximately 14 hours of further painting to give these wonderful Fungi a beautiful, bright and vibrant colour palette. I re-touched some other areas with my brown base paint and have also added some delicate details using my favourite artificial moss, which carefully grows throughout this piece and gives it a real sense of naturalism.
  • This wonderful piece has been finished with a Matt varnish to protect its details for many years to come. This took me roughly an hour to complete.

Step into a world where whimsy meets darkness, and the beauty of natural decomposition intertwines with the mysterious allure of taxidermy art.

Crafted with painstaking care, this Roe Deer skull has been transformed into a hauntingly enchanting object of art, creating an ethereal ode to the wonders of nature's cycle.

Each detail of this extraordinary piece has been meticulously hand-painted using the dry brush technique, bringing forth a mesmerizing blend of earthy tones that symbolize the delicate balance between life and decay in the natural world.


The subtle nuances of color evoke the serene transformation of organic matter through time, capturing the essence of the passage of seasons and the perpetual cycle of life.


The ingenuity of this design is elevated through the addition of hand-sculpted shelf mushrooms and fungi, carefully crafted using polymer clays and adorned with artificial moss.

At the heart of "Enigmatic Decay" lies a mystical, turquoise, Amazonite crystal, delicately embedded in the center of the skull.

This exquisite addition serves to infuse the piece with symbolic meaning, evoking the idea of transformation, rebirth, and inner beauty.

The Amazonite crystal's presence casts a shimmering glow, captivating viewers with its mesmerizing allure, further accentuating the allure and prestige of this highly-prized creation.

These organic elements seamlessly intertwine with the deer skull, creating an awe-inspiring vision of harmony between life and death. This whimsical touch not only adds depth and texture to the piece but also celebrates the magical synergy between different life forms in the wilderness.

A true testament to the artist's skill and vision, "Enigmatic Decay" invites you to embrace the enigmatic beauty of the natural world and celebrate the art of taxidermy reimagined.

This remarkable piece demands attention, making it the focal point of any room or collection. Whether displayed as a stunning centerpiece or admired as a statement art piece, this Roe Deer skull stands as a tangible reminder of the exquisite balance between life and death, a captivating exploration of the perpetual rhythm of nature's dance.

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