Handcrafted 'Lord of the Rings' Inspired Fantasy Pendant Necklace - Mithril Grey/Elven Orange/Entwood Green.

  • Crafting each pendant demanded meticulous attention and time, taking approximately 6 hours to bring to life.
  • Each and every Oak leaf for these wonderful designs are hand foraged from a woodland local to my area.
  • Each pendant circle is shaped and flattened by hand, and delicately printed with the desired Oak Leaf which is just perfect for the job.
  • I spent time practicing how to 'engrave' Gandalf's rune, to make them perfect for each pendant.
  • Once baked, I then mix up some lovely undertones of Acrylic paint and start applying 2 coats on each pendant, allowing them to dry in between times.
  • I start adding the lighter tones at this stage. I do this 3 times until I have enhanced the highlights enough to see that the beautiful details of the Oak leaf imprint. The whole painting process takes about 3/4 hours.
  • Finishing these pendants requires patience, using Matt varnish to finish/protect them. Once these are dry, I use 925 Sterling Silver necklace bails and faux leather necklace cords.
  • With each jewellery card, I like to add my favourite washi tape with the rose gold leafy vine, which gives the overall design a magical, elven finish and stays true to my aesthetic.


Step into Middle-Earth with these exquisite 'Lord of the Rings' pendant necklaces. Each piece, handcrafted to perfection, marries Tolkien's tales with nature's allure. At its core, an oak leaf hangs from a faux leather cord, echoing ancient Middle-Earth wisdom. Gandalf's rune, artfully engraved, blends nature and myth.

Select from Mithril Grey's mystique, Elven Autumnal hues, or vibrant Entwood Green. Matching earrings complete the ensemble.

This pendant encapsulates Tolkien's vision and nature's grace. A treasure for Tolkien fans, fantasy enthusiasts, and lovers of artisanal jewelry. Experience Middle-Earth's enchantment with this crafted marvel.



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