Enchanting Amanita Keepsake Box with Gandalf's Gold Seal

  • Crafting this wonderful Trinket box demanded meticulous attention and time, taking approximately 7 hours to bring to life.
  • This trinket box was carefully selected amongst other trinkets for a specific purpose. The grains in the wood really spoke out to me.
  • The cute Amanita tops you see poking out of the foliage/soil took me roughly 2/3 hours to sculpt and paint. Each mushroom has 4 layers of beige paint, watered down so it is almost streak free. The cute white speckles takes plenty of time and patience.
  • I spent 1 hour gilding Gandalf's rune on the front/centre of this piece using 24kt gold leaf which makes this piece extra special.
  • For the arrangement, I added one layer of my favourite artificial moss and secured each Amanita to its surface. 
  • I added foraged finds from my local woodland to this piece, which includes some miniature 'pine cones' and a beautiful stick which is embodied by Lichen.
  • I added my 'top soil' mixture to this piece, which finished the design and gave it that natural element it deserved and needed.
  • This Trinket box is finished with Danish oil, which will protect its surface for many years to come.

In the heart of Welsh woodlands lies a trinket box, brimming with Middle-Earth tales and fairy whimsy.

Adorned with Gandalf's golden rune hand-gilded using 24kt gold leaf and a scene of hand-sculpted Amanita mushrooms amidst Welsh forest finds, makes it a magical portal to fantasy.


A treasure for fairy lovers, fantasy enthusiasts, and "Lord Of The Rings" devotees, this box offers a daily touch of enchantment and protects your jewellery or prized possessions. This piece pairs perfectly with my hand-sculpted 'LOTR' inspired jewellery.


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