#2 Amanita Regalis Ceramics Edition - Mushroom Tea

  • Crafting this wonderful sculpture demanded meticulous attention and time, taking approximately 14 hours to bring to life.
  • Placed inside a beautiful, Vintage China tea cup and saucer.
  • Each Amanita mushroom has been delicately sculpted using Fimo polymer clay and takes roughly 5 1/2 hours to create all 4 mushrooms.
  • After the baking process, I water down some white acrylic paint and apply 4 layers to each mushroom stalk, skirt and gills. Watered down dark tones are added to areas to enhance details further. 
  • I then add another 4 layers of watered down beige to the mushroom hats, ensuring every coat of paint is fully cured before adding the next layer.
  • The speckles are intricately painted onto the hat of the mushroom in a form that mimics the mushrooms natural white speckles. The whole painting process takes about 6 hours to complete.
  • Once all of my replicated Amanita mushrooms are complete, I carefully secure them to this wonderful live edge wood base, using Epoxy glue and adding my favourite artificial soil/moss mixture. This takes 2 hours, because I build up the layers to replicate the forests floors natural shape and form.


From the heart of Fae Glens and the whimsical Welsh woodlands - emerges a teacup, steeped in tales as old as time.


Bask in the rich burgundy glow, reminiscent of the finest vintage ceramics, kissed by time and adorned with strokes of gold, as if touched by Midas himself.


But, ah!

The real magic lies within.


Peer inside and discover a circle of hand-sculpted Amanita Regalis mushrooms, standing proudly in formation.

Yet, their tale is bittersweet; signs of delicate decay hint at nature's little critters having their fill, a dance of life and time in this miniature world.


This is no ordinary teacup. For those who see the world with a touch of fantasy, who believe in whispers of fairies and the charm of old tales, this piece isn't just porcelain – it's a portal.


A treasure trove for fairy fanatics and daydream believers, this teacup promised not just a brew, but a journey into the whimsical beyond.


A perfect display/centrepiece in your home, for whom ever adores the beauty of Mycology as much I do!