1/2 - Elm & Acorn Fantasy Amanita Keepsake

  • Crafting this wonderful sculpture demanded meticulous attention and time, taking approximately 6 hours to bring to life.
  • This glorious Amanita mushroom has been delicately sculpted using Fimo polymer clay and takes roughly 2 hours to create.
  • After the baking process, I water down some white acrylic paint and apply 4 layers to the mushrooms stalk, skirt and gills. Watered down dark tones are added to areas to enhance details
  • I then add another 4 layers of watered down beige to the mushrooms hat, ensuring every coat of paint is fully cured before adding the next layer.
  • The speckles are intricately painted onto the hat of the mushroom in a form that mimics the mushrooms natural white speckles. The whole painting process takes about 2 1/2 hours to complete.
  • Once my replicated Amanita mushroom is complete, I carefully secure the sculpture to this wonderful half-slice of live edge Elm, using Epoxy glue and adding my artificial soil/moss mixture. I have added an acorn top as I felt this complimented the design and gave it a whimsical finish. This takes just over 1 hour because I like to replicate the forests floors natural form.

In the dappled heart of my local Welsh forest, where fairies dance and moss blankets the ancient trees, a miniature masterpiece has sprouted.

Introducing a hand-sculpted Amanita Regalis mushroom, gracefully set on Elm, embodying the forest's essence.

Nestled below is a foraged acorn top, bridging the worlds of Fae and man.


This piece isn't mere decor; it's a gateway to enchantment. A treasure for lovers of the mystical, it stands as a woodland dream, awaiting its place in your realm.