2/2 - Ethereal Amanita Regalis Crystal Charging Plaque - Pure Quartz

  • Crafting this wonderful sculpture demanded meticulous attention and time, taking approximately 7 hours to bring to life.
  • This glorious Amanita mushroom has been delicately sculpted using Fimo polymer clay and takes roughly 2 hours to create.
  • After the baking process, I water down some white acrylic paint and apply 4 layers to the mushrooms stalk, skirt and gills. Watered down dark tones are added to areas to enhance details
  • I then add another 4 layers of watered down beige to the mushrooms hat, ensuring every coat of paint is fully cured before adding the next layer.
  • The speckles are intricately painted onto the hat of the mushroom in a form that mimics the mushrooms natural white speckles. The whole painting process takes about 2 1/2 hours to complete.
  • Once my replicated Amanita mushroom is complete, I carefully secure the sculpture to this wonderful live edge slice of Elm, using Epoxy glue and adding my artificial soil/moss mixture. I have added a couple of acorn tops and a Quartz crystal to draw energy to charge your favourite crystals, as I felt this complimented the design and gave it a whimsical finish. This takes 2 hours, because I build up the layers to replicate the forests floors natural form.


From the mystical realms of my local Welsh forest, where shadows dance with fairy lights and whispered legends thread through ancient boughs, emerges a unique artifact.

Behold the hand-sculpted Amanita Regalis mushroom crystal charging plaque, elegantly set on storied Elm.

Amidst this tableau, a radiant quartz crystal point emerges, harmonizing with earth's pulse. Place your cherished crystals atop this platform, feeling their renewal as the quartz channels nature's energy.


Adorned with artificial moss, grass, and foraged Welsh acorn tops, it's more than a charging platform; it's a portal to the fantastical.


For those drawn to mushrooms, moss, and myths, this is a touchstone of otherworldly beauty, awaiting its magic in your sanctuary.