Autumnal Whisper: Amanita Regalis Wreath with Hag Stone Magic

  • Crafting this wonderful wreath demanded meticulous attention and time, taking approximately 9 hours to bring to life.
  • Each Amanita mushroom has been delicately sculpted using Fimo polymer clay and takes roughly 3 1/2 hours to create these mushrooms. I like to sculpt their bases around some aluminium wire so that I can secure them to each wreath once complete.
  • After the baking process, I water down some white acrylic paint and apply 4 layers to each mushroom stalk, skirt and gills. Watered down dark tones are added to areas to enhance details further.
  • I then add another 4 layers of watered down beige to the mushroom hats, ensuring every coat of paint is fully cured before adding the next layer.
  • The speckles are intricately painted onto the hat of the mushroom in a form that mimics the mushrooms natural white speckles. The whole painting process takes about 3 hours to complete.
  • Once my replicated Amanita mushrooms are complete, I carefully secure them to these wonderful grape vine wreaths using their inner wire, adding a Quartz crystal point and using Epoxy glue which helps to keep everything secure. I finalise this piece by adding my favourite artificial soil/moss mixture. This takes 3 hours, because I build up the layers to replicate the forests floors natural shape and form.
  • I also added a Hag Stone to this piece, for an extra slice of magic. This enhances the centre point of this piece and I absolutely adore how lovely this looks!

From the dusky corners of my Welsh woodlands, a circle of autumn's mystical allure beckons.

Each Amanita Regalis mushroom, hand-sculpted and painted, captures the essence of the season with arresting realism.


A central large, polished Quartz crystal point emerges. It's energies ancient and unwavering, offering to recharge wandering souls with nature's delicate embrace.


At the heart of this enchanted creation lies the hag stone, steeped in deep-rooted legends.

As British, Welsh, and Druid folklore would tell, these enigmatic stones are birthed from serpents, with tales of venom dripping on stone, or of snakes rolling and writhing in passionate embrace until they crystalize.

The very holes within them, they say, are marks from the serpents' tongues, remnants of their spittle turning to storied stone.


Cradling these wonders, a verdant bed of artificial moss and grass paints a tale of mushrooms in their sacred, natural habitat. And, as a whisper of the forest's legacy, foraged acorn tops from Welsh terrains dot this tableau, echoing tales of ancient trees.


This wreath is not just an artifact; it's a portal to a world of fantasy.


For those whose hearts resonate with the song of mushrooms, moss, and the mystical tales of old, here lies a treasure beyond compare. A centrepiece to be cherished, beckoning fairy enthusiasts and fantasy lovers into a dance of enchantment and autumnal dreams.

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