Nature's Loving Touch - Shelf Mushroom Heart Display w/ Bronzite Centre Piece

  • Crafting this enchanting piece of Art demanded meticulous attention and time, taking approximately 11 hours to bring to life.
  • A bronzite crystal lies central of this piece, set inside some intricate clay sculpting and amongst hand-sculpted shelf mushrooms made with Polymer clay, that grow throughout this wonderful heart-shaped slate. This process takes me about 4 1/2 hours to sculpt.
  • Once baked, each mushroom is hand-painted to perfection using a vibrant but earthy colour palette. The growth-like sculpting which hold the mushrooms and Brozite crystal in place required me to paint a dark base and added highlights and low lights using dry brushin techniques. (3 hours)
  • Once finished, I added futher details and enhancements  using a dark wash/watered down acrylic paint and added artifical moss to hug this heart-shaped slate in the most beautiful way. Extra acrylic touches were added to the moss once dried/cured. This final step takes 3 hours.


Dangling gracefully from above, this heart-shaped slate whispers tales of ancient forests and the secret realms of the Fairies.


Intricately hand-sculpted and hand-painted shelf mushrooms bloom from its surface. Each crafted meticulously from polymer clay, mirroring nature's own artistry and adding a touch of my own aesthetic.


Amidst the fungi, soft moss blankets the slate, weaving a verdant tapestry that evokes the wild heart of the woods.

At the slate's very core lies a resplendent bronzite crystal, celebrated for its grounding energies and protective aura. Known to both shield its bearer from negativity and instill a sense of peace, bronzite serves as the heart's radiant anchor.

A tale of earth, stone, mycelium, and magic.

For those whose hearts flutter at tales of the Fey, who find solace in the intricate dance of mushrooms, and the serene power of crystals, this wonderful heart slate is pays homage to the beautiful thing we call nature. A cherished emblem for fairy enthusiasts, mycology admirers, and crystal collectors alike.

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