Dreamer's Doorway - Heart-Shaped Fairy Abode Slate

  • Crafting this enchanting piece of Art demanded meticulous attention and time, taking approximately 9 hours to bring to life.
  • Using a deep brown polymer clay, I meticulously sculpted a circular shape and started to add some details with my tools to create this realistic wooden slat effect and wood grains. I added pigment powder before baking which takes me roughly 5 hours.
  • Once baked, I added this beautiful tumbled quartz, using pigment powders behind this very stone to create a warm glow. I added black polymer clay for the Iron which encases this wonderful mineral, and used my clay tool to create the desired effect. I also created a tiny handle which has its very own intircate and small key hole. I then baked once more and added white higlights to bring out those lovely textures. This process took a further 2 hours to create.
  • I then added some of my favourite artificial moss made up with two different layers, and once dry I added a touch of acrylic paint to add some extra depth and colour (2 hours).


Behold, a magical portal sculpted with care and intricacy. This gorgeous little fairy door, crafted using a deep brown Polymer clay, mimics nature's intricate wood grains and accentuated with pigment powders for depth and highlight.


A central Quartz crystal serves as a window. Behind,  a soft yellow glow suggests a cozy hobbit hearth alight with warmth.


Enhanced with fluffly looking artifical moss and touched with acrylic paint makes this a unique piece of Art. It is a glimpse into a realm of enchantment and wonder.


A beckoning for all Fairy, fantasy, and Elven lovers to glimpse the enchantment that weaves through every crafted detail, inviting them to knock and perhaps, step into a realm where imagination takes flight.


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